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Hello, I am your author, Doug Raisch, I thank you in advance for considering Patient Centricity as a future educational training source for yourself and/or your healthcare team.  I have served within the healthcare field for twenty-nine years and I continue to serve in the capacity of a Medical Social Worker. I have dedicated my time and talents to the betterment of other people’s lives throughout my career. The scope of my professional experience is extensive and it encompasses working in multiple sectors of the healthcare field including sub-acute care settings and hospice. My expertise stems from both a formal educational setting which includes the University of California, Berkeley, and nearly thirty years of direct patient care experience.

I am a civic-minded at heart and I often seek philanthropic opportunities to which I can lend my time, talents, and resources. Serving others has always been a primary credo in my life. I especially enjoy travel and expanding my knowledge about the origins of people, places, things, and concepts. Overall, I enjoy the life discovery process.

About the Book

Patient Centricity is a healthcare worker training tool. This training guide provides information to successfully meet the essential psychosocial and mental health needs of the universal patient and healthcare professional.

All healthcare organizations worldwide are required to address psychosocial and mental health issues on a perpetual basis. Patient Centricity provides education on how to successfully achieve desired performance levels and to remain in compliance with established governmental regulatory standards of practice.

Patient Centricity was purposely developed as a teaching tool in response to governmental regulatory requirements and a myriad of survey findings demanding the continuous need to improve the overall quality of care throughout the global healthcare delivery system.

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The book is an eyebrow raiser.

William S. Love PhD

The Book is an important read.

The book will help advocate for and protect the interests of future patients.

Keith Kinoche M.Div.

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